Asian Law Students' Association Society - Hong Kong

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Asian Law Students’ Association (‘ALSA’) is an international consortium of around 14,000 law students and alumni located in 17 countries all over the Asian region. It is a non-profit, non-political organization as well as a merger between two student bodies that is the ASEAN law student association and the East Asian law students association. A strong and vibrant community with forward thinking to drive both domestic and cross-border initiatives such as the promotion of the awareness of justice, cross-cultural and intellectual exchange of legal systems, and the recognition of social responsibility among students has been established since 2002.  

As of July 2020, thanks to the collective endeavours of ALSA Hong Kong, there are more than 652 members reported in Hong Kong. While recognising the initiatives and goals of ALSA, we, the University of Law appreciated the opportunity to set up our local chapter to aid ALSA’s, and equally, our overarching vision. As part of our objectives, we will be dedicated to connect and unify our University’s talents to develop the needful skills a lawyer would require.    Practical workshops or events will be designed to provide informative insight to students on various disciplines ranging from commercial awareness, specification on different law practices to the future vision on legal practice in Hong Kong.  We will encourage students to forge strong and long-term relationships with stakeholders within the legal industry in Hong Kong by offering numerous opportunities such as networking events, exchange programs and site or law firm visits. In addition, we will take initiative to address sustainable economic, social and environmental imperatives with the aim of being socially accountable. Students of our Association will be able to participate in Pro Bono activities or other volunteering opportunities to raise the awareness of social responsibility. Social events will also be another focus to allow students to enjoy being a law student in a relaxed and inclusive environment!



President - Chantal Wai Ting Chung

Vice President - Mavis Yip

Vice President - Mable Yau

Assistant Event and Campaign Officer - Charles Liu


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