Welcome to “A Guide to the Student Association”; this is a live document and the definitive guide to the Student Association.


The Aims of the Student Association, under its Constitution, are:

  • To advance the education, and student experience of its Members and students of ULaw as a whole,

  • To represent the interests of its members and act as a channel of communication in dealing with ULaw and other bodies, and

  • To promote, encourage and co-ordinate student societies, sports and social activities.  


This Guide contains information on the work of the Student Association, the Executive Team, including roles and parameters, and how the Student Association operates. The Student Association is headed by an Executive Team comprising three full-time members of staff; the Student Association President (SAP), Student Association Executive Officer (SAEO) and Student Association Clubs, Societies and Communications Coordinator (CSCC).


A Year in the Life of the Student Association document provides an additional representation of the work undertaken by the Student Association during the year.


Please do feel free to contact us at Student-Association@law.ac.uk if you have any questions or queries.