Opportunities and Social

Opportunities and Social


Freshers’ Fair/Welcome Week is organised by the campus Student Services and the Student Association are available to support and advice in the organisation. The CSCC will encourage clubs and societies to attend their campuses Freshers’/Induction Fair, and also Refreshers Fairs.


The Student Assocaition Executive will aim to attend as many ULaw campuses as possible during the welcome period to meet with students, introduce ourselves and get students involved in what the Student Association has to offer, create and join clubs and societies.


The Annual Student-Led Awards were set up to ensure that students could nominate any staff member for an award if they have made an exceptional contribution to the student experience.


The deadline for nominations is March, the nominations are then anonymised by the SAEO, and the SAP convenes two panels, a shortlisting and winners panel (comprising of the SAP and student representatives) to decide the shortlisted staff and winning staff. Winners are announced by early June.


Please see the “Student Briefing Document” for further information on timescales and the criteria for nomination.


All winning staff are given a Student Association branded mug with the word “winner” on and a certificate from the SAEO and SAP congratulating them on their nomination and win. Additionally, the winner of the “Best Overall Tutor” and "Best Overall Business Professional" award has previously been awarded an engraved trophy (along with the mug), which is presented at the next available graduation by the SAP and Vice Chancellor.


Clubs and societies currently sit within, are funded and administrated by, campus Student Services. The Student Association is responsible for the support and promotion of clubs and societies.



The Student Association encourages the creation of clubs and societies through the use of the club and soceity set-up form. The link will take you directly to the set-up form to get started on creating your society on your campus.


The purpose of club and society handover is to ensure continuity of the student activities offering. The handover of existing clubs and societies takes place from the last week of April to the last full week of May (the specific dates will be circulated by the first week of February each year by the CSCC). A new committee should always be elected within this time frame and their contact information given to both the Student Services department of their campus and the CSCC. This information must also include all the relevant forms attaining to the club or society.

The CSCC is responsible for contacting clubs and societies and ensuring effective handover.

Relevant Forms

These forms are to be completed by the both the new and old committee and sent to both Student Services and the CSCC before the end of the handover period.

Please contact the CSCC for assistance in the handover process for a club or society. harry.walters@law.ac.uk



Clubs and societies may be able to seek sponsorship to aid in funding their activities. The CSCC can be contacted for any guidance.


BUCS (British University and College Sport)

As a sports club there is an opportunity to be entered into the national leagues as a team or as an individual athlete.


Individual Athletes

There are a variety of sports that you can enter as an individual athlete, all of which can be found of www.bucs.org.uk. Any student showing an interest in competing must send a completed Emergency Contact Form to the CSCC with any other required information to enable them to compete.


Team Entry

A team wishing to enter the national leagues must express interest to the CSCC before the end of March for the following academic year (specific deadline to be circulated by the CSCC by first week of February each year). Team requests will then be discussed between the Student Association Executive and the relevant Campus Dean.


The Feedback Pack is designed to assist all ULaw students to identify and understand feedback and how to use feedback to improve their future performance and attainment. The SAP and SAEO collaborated with the NPD’s in producing this.


Please see the “Feedback Pack” to see the final version. This is also available via Atticus and some hard copies may be available in each of the campuses. There were hard copies ordered to distribute to students during 2017 Freshers’ / Induction weeks.