Who Are We?

Student Association Executive


The Student Association President (SAP) is a full-time member of staff who is elected to serve a term of office of one year, and is eligible to stand for two terms.

The main role of the SAP is to represent the Student Association and the interests of the student body to the University. It is key that the SAP has a close working relationship with elected student representatives/officers at each campus, particularly the Vice-Presidents and staff across the University. The SAP holds regular face to face meeting with the Vice-Chancellor to allow student feedback to be represented at the highest level.


The SAP sits on many committees and working groups, with a particular focus on the student voice and having due regard for any motions passed by the Student Parliament.


The SAP leads in supporting Welcome Heroes particularly when their term of office starts and ends. These Officers sit outside the representative structure during their short term of office, however their role is vital in ensuring visibility for the SA and enthusing support for new and returning students.


The SAP, in conjunction with the Executive Team, leads on representing the student voice at University level.


The SAP leads on the SA’s externality, including interactions, where appropriate, with external organisations particularly the GuildHE Students’ Union Network and the National Union of Students (NUS). When engaged in this role the SAP ensures the profile of the Student Association and that of The University is raised and to adopt best practice for the benefit of the students. 


The Clubs Societies and Communications Coordinator (CSCC) supports clubs and societies across all University campuses. Students apply to set-up a club or society to Student Services at their campus, the CSCC assists in the processes involved in registering societies locally and, having due regard to our safeguarding and Prevent duties, and will centrally record all clubs and societies to advertise to students on the Student Assocation website. Funding for societies sits on campus and is designated from the Student Activities Budgets, which is distributed to societies by Heads of Operational Services.


The CSCC ensures that students, both individually and as teams, can enter BUCS (British Universities and Colleges Sport), leads on communications from the Student Association and targets clubs and society handover between academic years.


The CSCC is also responsible for all communications that come from the Student Associaiton across all of its social media platforms and email.