1) How many nominations am I allowed to make?

If you’re a student, who can make as many nominations in as many categories as you would like. If you’re a member of staff, you can make a maximum of 1 nomination in each category.

2) Am I allowed to nominate myself?

If you’re a student – absolutely! We actively encourage this if you feel like you’ve done excellent work this year which relates to one of the awards. If you’re a member of staff – unfortunately you cannot nominate yourself for any awards as clubs and societies should be student-led.

3) Can I nominate the same person for several different awards?

Absolutely, you can nominate the same person for as many awards as you like.

4) Can I nominate several different people in the same category?

Absolutely, if you’re a student you can make multiple nominations in the same category. If you’re a member of staff you may only make one nomination per category.

5) Is there anyone we can’t nominate?

Student Association staff (President, SAEO and CSCC) cannot be nominated for awards. If you would like to submit a nomination for any of these people, your nomination will be passed on but it will not be included in the list for consideration of an award.

6) Will my nomination be made anonymous?

When the panel shortlist, all nominations will be anonymised, so we won’t know who has nominated. Where possible, we will also redact the nominee’s name to ensure as fair a process as possible.

7) Will the person I nominate find out that I have nominated them?

You can choose to remain anonymous or agree to have your name shared. It’s completely up to you and will not affect how your nomination is considered. If you have a preference, please include this in your nomination form.

8) When do the nominations close?

Friday 23th April 2021 at 4pm.

9) When will we find out who has been shortlisted?

The shortlist is due to be published in the week beginning 17th May 2021.

10) When is the awards night?

This year’s awards night will run online on Friday 25th June 2021. You will be able to watch / participate for free.

11) Will there be an in-person awards night in the future?

This is still to be decided, but we are hoping to be able to run a formal awards night in future years, post-COVID, if this year goes well.

12) What are the prizes for the winners?

All winners will receive a framed certificate. Some awards will also include an engraved glass trophy.

13) Who decides on the shortlist and the winners?

A panel made up of the following people will decide on the shortlist:

  • Student Association President (Ella Richardson)

  • Clubs, Societies and Communications Coordinator (Harry Walters)

  • Two Student Panellists TBC

  • One member of University staff TBC