• Set up a Club or Society

  • President/Captain

    This is a pivotal role for any club/society; the President/Captain is responsible for overseeing the overall running of the club/society. As a President/Captain, it is important that you take a directional position and develop a strategic way of growing your club/society. Among the many duties, this role encompasses you will also be responsible for completing the club/society registration form and the Student Association club/society development assessment.

  • Treasurer

    This is an essential role for a club/society committee. The key responsibilities associated to this role is to maintain an accurate account of the club/society’s budget, expenses and receipts and take responsibility for submitting paperwork relevant to obtaining funds from Student Services such as the funding request form.

  • Secretary

    This role is to maintain membership information and copies of forms about the student club/society, compliant with the University’s privacy policy. Another important aspect of this role is to minute committee meetings. Finally, this role will be responsible for the running of the social media for the club/society.