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Albanian Law Society

Welcome to The Albanian Society Page.

We are a group of passionate and dedicated law students that came together with the aim to represent the Albanian youth in the ULaw and even further.

We want to celebrate, showcase and manifest our Albanian's and Balkan's history, culture and values and share them with the wider community.

Canadian Law Students Association

A society dedicated to educating students about the process of legal accreditation for UK trained lawyers in Canada, and opportunity for Canadian students to meet and interact with each other.


Environment Society

Bloomsbury Environment Society engages students in issues of environmental law, sustainability and current affairs in this sector.


This Society will gather like-minded students through social, educational and campaigning events, wherein we will learn from each other and industry professionals.


Indian Society

Starting a Society at our University is a great way to follow our passion and to share it with like-minded people.

Societies are about sharing with other people and that is my key reason for starting an Indian Society.

India is a country with a vast range of cultures, festivals, beliefs and much more. So much so even our education system and curriculum is different from United Kingdom.


Law Society

The law society provides a space for for students to meet new friends and discuss current affairs to boost their commercial awareness.

Students can discuss their future plans and inpsire others. We also hold debabting/mooting events to practise skills needed after University.


Legal Jargon Society

The Legal Jargon Society Bloomsbury understands the struggles of pursuing a career in the legal profession, especially as our members are all trying to do so themselves!

For both law and non-law students, the Society will host professional and social events, offer support during the application season and provide members with tips and tricks that will make them stand out in the competitive graduate world.


Unity Magazine

This society is a magazine which centres around cultural news and the creative field in relation to Black and Ethnic Minority (BAME) topics. This magazine aims to give student at ULaw the opportunity to write articles, regardless of their background, in order to provide a more diverse and inclusive perspective within the University.

Within the magazine we want to include film and book reviews about BAME topics, poems and short stories about BAME topics and current affairs and news surrounding BAME issues.


Women's Football

Women's football Club for the Bloomsbury campus.

Women in Suits

Women in suits is a society that promotes inclusion in the legal profession, reflecting the diversity of our society.

This society supports women in Law and advises all women, enacts positive change for equality and will attempt to make a difference for gender equality. It is clear that more can still be done.

One of our key aims is to develop a platform for women and men to discuss how to support women in the profession.