African Caribbean Society

Our aim is to create an innovative university experience through a celebration of culture, music, history and education, to encourage and empower growth throughout our community, creating a platform for individuals to come together.


Amnesty International

Through our detailed research and determined campaigning, we help fight abuses of human rights worldwide. We bring torturers to justice. Change oppressive laws. And free people jailed just for voicing their opinion.


LGBTQ+ Network

The society represents a meeting place to discuss contemporary issues relating to LGBTQ+ students aspiring to become members of the legal profession.

The society will aim to support and educate allies and members through their journey into the legal world.


Social Awareness

We look at promoting awareness around different types of bullying that take place within schools, communities, workplace etc...


Women* in Law

The Women* in Law Society is a space for individuals of all backgrounds, including non-law students and those of any identity, to discuss the legal profession and the unique challenges we face.

The society will organise skill based workshops, such as application writing, and meetings with professionals or speakers from various institutions, as well as fostering friendships and community through social events and celebrating the achievements of women* and other underrepresented identities in law.