Bursary Scheme Form FAQs


Please read this FAQs form carefully before applying for the SA bursary scheme. Research has proven that a sense of belonging and community whilst at university is fundamental to a student's success. Often, clubs, societies and extra-curricular activities help a student achieve this, but we understand the financial burden that can be caused by wanting to participate in such activities through subscription, transport and equipment costs. The SA Bursary Scheme exists to support students who, due to financial constraints, are unable to participate in such activities and therefore find themselves having a lesser student experience to their peers. With this grant, the aim is to create equal opportunities for all of our student members.


Who can apply?

The SA is launching a participation bursary for UK-domiciled students from low household income backgrounds and other vulnerable groups. Students will be able to apply for this bursary from the 12th of February and applications will be open for three weeks. Submission deadline is 12:00 pm 5th March.

Successful students will receive a one off grant of £100 to aid them in participating in activities outside of their academic studies.


This grant is intended to enhance student experience, to create a sense of belonging at the university and to develop supportive peer relationships.


Students ordinarily resident in the European Union and International students are not eligible for assistance. Neither are students who are sponsored to study with The University of Law.


The bursary is designed to assist those who are struggling financially because of long term financial constraints such as coming from a low-income household (below £25,000) or being part of a specific group: Care experienced students, estranged students and refugees. Each application will be reviewed individually on the evidence provided.


If there are more requests than the bursary pot can fund, then priority will be given to students who meet the criteria listed above and taking into account the following in order:

  • Care experienced students/estranged students/refugees
  • Carers
  • Students with a disability
  • Mature students or BAME students


If you choose "prefer not to say" in response to an eligibility question we will be unable to process your application as we require this information.


You cannot receive this bursary if you have received it previously


What is it for?

This is for extra curricular activities and not for equipment or hardship funds. If you do require hardship funds you can follow this link for more information on The University's hardship fund. You can use the link below to learn more about financial support the University can provide.

Financial Support Funding


If successful, what will I receive?

Upon submission of the mandatory pre-questionnaire and application form, a one-time grant of £100 and information about the clubs, societies and extra-curricular activities available at your campus of study will be provided to you. As part of the bursary, you will also be required to complete a mandatory post-questionnaire at the end of the academic year.


What can’t be supported by the scheme?

The bursary cannot support those who do not meet the above criteria and the grant is to be used to improve the student experience through clubs, societies and/or extra-curricular activities.


I need help filling out the form, who should I contact?

If you require assistance filling out this form, please send an email to student-association@law.ac.uk


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