Welcome to The University of Law Commercial Awareness Autumn 2020 Challenge


During 2019/20 we ran two University of Law Commercial Awareness Challenges and hundreds of students participated across all courses and campuses.

This Autumn Competition is open to all and reflects the fact that:

  • Commercial Awareness has never been more important, more complicated or faster moving
  • Competition is motivational and participation can be referenced positively in the CV, irrespective of whether you win
  • Employers will hone in on this subject as recruitment strategies evolve post Covid-19

We are delighted that Peter Watson who produces the free resource ‘Watson’s Daily’ is helping us to run the Autumn Challenge – with several of the rounds taking place through his website. He will be providing support throughout the process to help enhance your commercial awareness, is a judge and is part of the prize! Director of Employability, John Watkins, and Student Association President, Ella Richardson, will be the ULaw leads.

How To Enter

This will start as an individual competition but will conclude with successful participants being put into teams for the final stages – the ability to operate on your own and alongside others are equally important. A series of elimination stages will see us find the ‘best on campus’ on each of our UK bases, as well as Hong Kong. The number of teams from each campus will be in proportion to their size and the number of original entrants.

How It Works

Round 1 requires you to answer 40 multiple choice questions under timed conditions. There is a high pass mark but you can have as many goes as you like. You will be told immediately if you have passed or need to have another go.

The following rounds will see the field reduced to the very best. We will try to challenge you in different ways and further enhance your commercial awareness. The final will effectively be an inter-campus team challenge.


You can register until Friday 9th October – and details for Round 1 will be circulated shortly thereafter. Subsequent rounds will endeavour to take account of exams and other assessments and the aim is to complete the Challenge in December.


Enhanced commercial awareness, something for the CV plus 6 months coaching from Peter Watson. Other workplace based prizes to be negotiated with employers as they respond to current challenges.

All participants will receive a Certificate of Achievement. To enter please complete the registration form https://www.watsonsdaily.com/university-of-law/



"I saw the competition advertised through an employability e-mail and I was interested in it simply to gain some commercial awareness. I had googled 'commercial awareness' to find out its definition but it felt almost impossible to find a place to really ascertain an understanding of what it was. There was a statement from a previous winner on the competition and it said that she read Watson's Daily and the FT daily to keep up with her commercial awareness and this gave me a great place to start learning.


My intention was to enter the competition to have something on my CV and to gain some commercial awareness with the competition being the motivation I needed to do it! The first part of the challenge was a multiple choice test which you could repeat as many times as you wanted. I failed it quite a few times but I actually learnt a lot through doing the test itself. The rest of the challenge tested different aspects of commercial awareness, the ability to analyse what we had been reading, and effective and concise communication skills. I was, and I am, very shocked when I learnt that I had won the competition. I am extremely excited to continue my learning journey and so happy to have the support that has been provided. I know that this competition has meant so much to everyone involved for various reasons and there is a lovely sense of community amongst the competitors."

Olivia Beeton, ULaw Reading, Summer 2020 Commercial Awareness Challenge Winner