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Student Association representative role descriptions

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student Association Representatives

Berlin - Ernest Obiri-Yeboah


bio n/a




My name is Zara Nasser and I am the vice-president for Birmingham. My aims are to:

1) Strengthen communication between students and student representatives

2) Support the university aim to become environmentally friendly

3) Promote clubs and societies

However, given the current difficulties COVID has thrown at us all, my main aim is to ensure that a high level of communication is maintained with all students and each student receives the support they require.



I am a final-year LL.B undergraduate at University of Law’s Bristol campus. Originally coming from a music background, I am pursuing a career as a solicitor in the entertainment industry. Alongside my studies, I represent LexisNexis as a Student Associate. This requires me to deliver legal research certifications across all of their products (LexisLibrary, PSL) and constantly engage with the employability offices.

As Vice-President for the Bristol campus, my main focus is to provide students an immediate and effective voice to the Student Parliament during the challenging and unprecedented impact COVID-19 has had on our studies. I am also very passionate about developing employability in students, so I will always be on hand to discuss career development in collaboration with our Employability office and John Watkins (Director of Employability).

I am here to get things done. Do get in touch if you would like to discuss your student experience on our Bristol campus.



I'm a career changer to law and a mature student, currently doing the LPC at University of Law, Chester, as a full time student. I have extensive family law experience, but my first career was in construction. I aim to enter the commercial sector and use the transferrable skills from my first career.

As well as being a mother of two, I'm a Freelance Paralegal for Obelisk Support, a part of Strive Consultants, Vice President of the Students Association at University of Law Chester campus. I'm passionate about women in law and business, and host 5 at 5pm each week on Instagram, in the series I interview inspiring lawyers and parts of the law community, and they answer 5 questions about themselves.

Outside of law study, I'm a keen Peloton rider and working to 100 rides, an avid reader and a fan of anything from the 90’s! I have experience in a general high street practice and has been part of a legal technology product launch. More recently, I've become more interested in legal technology and aim to start a society at the University of Law in Chester.


Exeter - Polina Naumova


bio n/a


Guildford - Fozya Chohan


bio n/a



Hi All, My name is Pierre Chong, whom the VP of the Hong Kong campus as well as the Class Representative of the Master of Arts – Law. I have worked in the financial services industry for a decade, and these valuable Law programme, perhaps will lead me to a future role related to Legal or Enforcement agency ahead forward.

Within the Hong Kong campus, we currently we have around 50 students in various Law programmes, and the portfolio will certainly have a growth once specialized Legal education and Business programme launch in the coming academic year.

Myself, being one of the leader of the campus, will definitely provide services which reflect the views and concerns of students, and make things better and our education a step forward for everyone in the campus. Please don’t hesitate to contact with me should you have any queries or concerns in regard of our campus.



My name is Aasim Khan and I’m the Vice President of the Leeds Campus, also the ex Vice President of the Manchester Campus.

I am a student representing students and this campus with pride and honour, I am here to help you with whatever I can.

During this pandemic, we have all had different experiences, it’s been a tough period for everyone. you can contact me for anything and I will always try my best to work alongside with my colleagues and fellow students to make this campus a better place.




As VP, I intend to ensure everyone’s voice is heard and, where reasonable, escalate the issues to those who can make the necessary changes.

However, I believe the majority of the time, the issues raised can be rectified simply by putting across the opposing view.

Only in the shoes of others may be able to view a situation wholly.


London - Moorgate - Cherono Barno


bio n/a


Liverpool - Abain Ur Rehman


bio n/a


Manchester - Ramirez Fekete


bio n/a




I am the Vice President of The University of Law, Nottingham campus as well as the Deputy Chairman of the Student Parliament.

At our university, I study Accelerated Law (LLB) and I have plans to undergo our BPC programme in pursuit of becoming a barrister.




I graduated from the university of reading last year and I am currently studying the LPC.  In terms of hobby’s, I’m really into sports and I’m a huge American football fan! I’m also an Arsenal supporter (not so positive).

Fun fact - I recently had the idea to start my own company during lockdown and would like to start trading very soon!




Hi everyone! I’m Lizzie and I am the Vice-President for the Sheffield campus. My role is to give the Sheffield students a voice and represent them, and students from the wider establishments, in university-led discussions to enhance the student experience.

Outside of my role and legal education I enjoy spending far too much time on social media, being in the sun, and having cuddles with my rescue cat Matilda.


Norwich - Not Elected



Hi everyone! I'm Jess and I'm the Vice President for the Online Campus. I'm studying the LPC part-time and online with the long-term plan to become a solicitor.

My hope is to get everyone as involved and engaged as possible while studying online and smooth out any issues around studying online.

My goals for the year are:

• Organise UoL official merchandise

• Establish self-help lectures in the run up to exams

• Get wellness support packages sorted out for online students

Please do get in contact with any concerns you have, and I will try my hardest to help where I can.



LL.B 2 Year (Accelerated) - Not Elected



LL.B 3 Year - Georgia Rice


My name is Georgia Rice and I am the LLB Course Representative! I’m from Runcorn,  currently studying at the Leeds Campus, and I’m in my second year of the LLB.

While acting as your course rep, I’m hoping to increase day-to-day communication and efficiency between student and staff, especially during these tough times.

If you ever want to voice any general thoughts or concerns about your studies, please drop me an email and I’ll see what I can do!



Hi everyone! I’m Chloe and I’m proud to be your LPC Course Representative. I’m currently studying the LPC part time evenings and living in Liverpool. In these uncertain times I hope to be there to support all LPC students and be a voice in expressing any worries or concerns you may have.

Always feel free to contact me about anything and everything, even just for a chat as it’s important to still keep connected with your course mates even if we can’t return to the classroom yet!



bio n/a



My name is Amy Fitzmaurice and I am the LLM Course Representative. After graduating from my LLB with First Class Honours, I have decided to pursue an academic legal career - with plans to study a PHD.

As a Course Representative my aims are to increase awareness around other professions where a legal background will be of benefit. I hope to bring a voice to students studying the LLM and enhance their university experience.



I'm Ellen and I'm an MA Law student at The University of Law in Manchester. Before studying with ULaw, I graduated from the University of Exeter with a politics degree and then taught abroad for a year.

In this role, my three main priorities are:

• To advocate for more time to be spent in lectures and workshops looking at the critical element of the MA Law course and to stop this part of the course from being overlooked

• To start a discussion about the current timeline of the Legal Research & Independent Project and to gain the input of potential supervisors for students before the submission of topic choice forms,

• To ensure tutors have enough training and support to make online classes accessible for everyone and for all types of learners.

Clearly COVID-19 has changed the way we're undertaking the MA Law, but I hope to facilitate open, empathetic and constructive communication between students, tutors and the university to give us the best possible experience.

If you have any thoughts or concerns about the course you would like to share, please feel free to contact me via email.

MA - Not Elected



Hello! I'm Neil Sturman, the BPC Course Rep and Chair of the Student Association Parliament. I'm a part-time BPC student and work as a learning development consultant. This year I also started as Chief Operating Officer of the Uyghur Tribunal, an independent people's tribunal investigating China's alleged crimes against humanity against the Uyghur population of Xinjiang province.

As BPC Rep it's my job to represent the interests of BPC students. It's been a challenging year for everyone, including the University. Still, it is important to ensure we are getting the quality of education we need and value for money for our tuition fees. Since the start of my course in September, I have been engaging with the University leadership to improve the course admin and the quality of materials provided.

As Chair of the Parliament, I make sure we run to time and that everyone has their say in our discussions. This is made easier by working with the great people who've volunteered to be course and campus reps, and of course, the equally great exec team.

Please get in touch with any questions you have and anything I can help with.


I'm Thanushree Rekha Nagaraj from India, currently pursuing my second master's in Business intelligence and data analytics at the Berlin Campus.

I hope to make the most productive use of various channels of communication and gather the views and opinions of the class representatives and peers.

Also, to ensure that each and every student gets an equal opportunity to be represented, without any bias of difference in opinion


International Foundation Pathway - No Elected



I’m currently an MA Law student and am looking forward to support you all and ensure that your voices are heard.

My main aims are to raise awareness of how harmful microaggressions are, to increase the number of BAME events throughout the year and to support BAME students across campus and ensure they have a safe space to voice any issues/campaigns they would like to see.

Feel free to reach out about anything at all- even just to say hi



There is no monopoly over success and prejudice. Be a star when there are none and when surrounded by many.



My name is Jay and I am your LGBTQ+ Officer. I want to make sure your rights are represented across the whole university and make ULaw an inclusive and welcoming space for you all.

I am fortunate enough to say this is my second term as LGBTQ+ Officer having undertaken the role last year (so the handover was pretty simple). The year before I was a member of student committees. So that’s 3 years experience as a student rep (WOW!)

Stay safe in these times and if you want to get in touch, even if it is just to say Hi, drop me an email.

Spread the rainbow guys and keep in touch!




Hi there! I’m Ellen and I’m an online MA law student, currently living in Aberdeen. I am proud to be your Disabled Students’ Officer this year, where I will be focusing on helping disabled students get into the legal field, increasing awareness of how disabled people are disadvantaged by the legal system and improving the University’s connection with legal and disability-related organisations.

In my spare time, I enjoy arguing with people on Twitter, watching the Barbie movies and being asleep. Always feel free to contact me about anything and everything via email.




Hi there, my name is Daisy and I am your Women’s Officer for the Students’ Association. My role is to support the voices of women across the University of Law.

In my term I am hoping to expand the Women’s Network, establish more spaces for the celebration and wellbeing of women and to support our students in any way I can.

To all of our students at this uncertain time, please look after yourselves and feel free to reach out if you need anything.



External Representative -


bio n/a


International Students Representative - Abena Prempeh


bio n/a


Student Members of Governing Board: Falak Bibi & Holly Mottram

My name is Holly Mottram and I am a Student MEmber of the Student Association Governing Board.

I am  GDL Student at the Leeds campus, Studying part-time and working full time as a Litigation Paralegal. In my (limited) spare time I enjoy running and crafts.

As a student member of the Governors, I will effectively liaise between Student Parliament and the board of Governors, to keep all parties well informed. I also aim to increase recognition of key issues for part time students and mature students.



bio n/a


Student Members of Committees:


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